They say things come in threes. It’s sometimes true.


In the winter we have a bit more private time.


I try to go walking once a week with the Boot Boys; click here for some of our escapades. Yes, alright, a bit low aren’t they? But the weather has been too windy for high walking. I also try to go and play film flam, or ping pong or table tennis, whatever you want to call it, each Tuesday night. A good couple of hours sweat. But the calf muscle in my leg has not liked it since popping lat September. Third activity was golf. But I have packed that in. Life’s too short for a good walk spoiled.


Then there are films, three so far in 2016 being ‘The Revenant’ (hard to watch but great); ‘The Hateful 8’, overly long at 3 hours, but entertaining Tarantino outing; and The Wolfpack.


This last week was also the tale of three pubs.


Wednesday night saw us at the pub quiz at the Hare & Hounds at Levens, almost our local. Though you’d hardly say once a month customers like us have a local. We came third.


Thursday saw me out with the Boot Boys and a low level 10 mile walk. One of our BootBoys was 70 the following day. We dropped cars at Hawkshead Brewery. Some got a bus, some took a car to Windermere. We walked from the Station to the Wild Boar at Crook, across country via School Knott and the Dales Way, and then back to Staveley. Good steak and onion bap at the Boar! The boys who were drinking – it’s February so my dry month – well it’s the shortest isn’t it? – said that the homemade beer was good too.


The evening saw us at the Wheatsheaf at Brigsteer. Simply because it’s near to the village hall where a travelling troupe were presenting Alan Bennet’s Talking Heads. But it’s not a bad pub, with good service and food, especially when the excellent Charlie is behind the bar.


Phew, three pubs in 24 hours, and no beer.


Yesterday there were three amazing sporting events. My old previously unfashionable football team, I was born there after all, Leicester City beat Man City away and sit majestically on the top of the Premiership table. England won well, both at the Rugby (Union of course) against the auld enemy, and at the one day international cricket against South Africa. I’m not used to all this winning. What’s going on?


This morning at one minute past midnight was the best news this week. New grand-daughter Matilda arrived. Number two grandchild. I wonder when the third will come?


And finally, this week I also witnessed a rare phenomenon, nacreous cloud/sunset. Beautiful but bad. Apparently it’s only because of man’s CFC’s that we get this spectacle.  


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9th Feb 2016