Sunset time

1st Jul 2015

It’s boiling hot at Linthwaite and its one of these days when you could just about fry an egg on the terrace, the slate’s so hot.

I feel sorry for the wonderful staff we have running around in the heat; it really is hard work but at least the wonderful weather seems to put the guests into a very laid back mood.

The upside of the hot weather is being able to sit outside, not just before dinner sipping a Pimms, it is Wimbledon after all, but afterwards too.

And what do you get? Magnificent sunsets of course. 

Linthwaite faces West after all and it’s 440 feet above sea level. So why go anywhere else?

There are three other seriously good places to see a sunset in the area, and, at this time of year, be able to enjoy a postprandial stroll.

First:  Gummer’s Howe: 6 miles South of Bowness up the hill opposite Fell Foot Park. A miniature mountain of magnificent stature; easily accessed hilltop, 30 minutes maximum walk from road. 

Amazing vistas south over Morecambe Bay and North up Windermere.

Second: Brant Fell & Post Knott. Just across from LHH, turn right out of the drive towards Kendal, walk up to first turning left, then look for the footpath sign left, up the hill and Bob’s your uncle.

And third: Orrest Head: Up in Windermere near the railway station, 20 minutes walk from road

All within a few miles, two within walking distance.

All great views.

Happy sunsets!