New Year; what’s new, any resolutions?

14th Jan 2015

Well Christmas is over but we’re planning this year’s already. 2015 is well and truly started, with shocking world events and challenging weather up North. We shut the hotel for just three days, and had a day team building with the staff. This means we’ve got lots of New Year’s resolutions for the hotel and it’s team. And the sum of it is we should be able to give an even better service this year, than before.

The team building day was followed by a dinner and casino at a nearby hostelry. Everyone got to dress up. The girls made a much bigger effort. What a surprise. Then next day just before we were due to re-open, we had a little drama which could have been much more serious. Someone (not one of our staff) was working on a fuse box and managed to create a surge which destroyed three PC’s and all the dimmer switches on the ground floor. The fire brigade were called and the girls enjoyed the ogle. Nothing for them to do though, just some plastic smelling smoke. As the days go on more things are discovered not to be functioning as they should be. But they’ll get sorted.

Meanwhile, the wood has arrived for the new pergola on the terrace. Big square posts of oak. Some will remember the beautiful acer tree we had at the left end of the terrace with some lights draped over it. It died unfortunately, so this has spurred us on to do the new pergola. It’ll provide some shade for those burning hot days at Linthwaite, not too far away now. It’s difficult to imagine with the weather as it is now, but sometimes you can fry an egg on our terrace! It’s one of the best places in the Lakes for al fresco dining.

You all know boules, otherwise known as Pétanque, don’t you? That game where Frenchmen like to throw cricket ball sized solid metal balls after a small wooden jack. Like our bowls except these are tossed into the air rather than carefully rolled along a sylvan green swathe. Well, there’s a new court that Colin’s built just below the putting and croquet lawn. Can’t wait to get started on it!

Should be a sporting 2015!