25th Anniversary Celebrations

3rd Aug 2015

It chucked it down in the morning. At lunchtime whilst grabbing a quick bite we sat in the conservatory and couldn’t hear ourselves speak, such was the noise of rain on roof.

But all was OK by 3 o’clock. The temporary awnings we bought were protecting the food, drink and band, just in case. Pimms, English sparkling wine, as used by the Queen at her, far more inferior garden parties, home-made lemonade, and Ronnie Mullin’s Swan Blonde all awaited consumption.

A happy time was had by all, guests staying at the hotel, super suppliers, colleagues, and friends.

Thanks to our wonderful team including Chris and all the Chefs, the restaurant team, managers Andy & Sarah, Colin (gardens) and John, and all the rest who work at Linthwaite.

And the next one will be…..